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What We Do



From small driveways to large commercial parking lots and roads, Proseal is able to handle any paving jobs you may have with state of the art equipment. That could mean overlaying an existing parking lot or driveway, or doing a complete full depth dig out and restructure. 


Seal Coating

Sealcoating will help beautify and maintain the longevity of your investment for many years to come. Proseal has been maintaining and improving investments since 1996, with thousands of happy and returning customers. Protecting your commercial parking lot or residential driveway is what we do.


Crack filling

Hot rubberized crack filling helps stop water from freezing and undermining pavement that has begun to crack or separate. Crack sealant is an integral part of maintaining your driveway. The more unsealed cracks for water to undermine the faster the process takes place. Whether that is on an Airport or your driveway we can help.


Line Striping

Not only does line striping serve to make a parking lot safe and accessible, it helps make a newly seal coated lot aesthetically pleasing.


Crack Repair/Hot Patching and Infrared Machining

Some projects do not require extensive work to accomplish a safe and durable finish. Cracks to large to be crack filled by spec, can be saw cut or machine milled and repaired. Patched with the same hot pavement mix you would use on a new driveway from trailer mounted hot boxes and restored to a like new condition using Infrared technology to help bond the new pavement to existing pavement.


Culvert and Catch Basin Repairs

We can help improve drainage on your property by installing new culverts, catch basins and piping or inspect and repair existing catch basins that have failed, eroded or started to collapse.


Septic Tank and Leech Field Repair/Replacement

Proseal has the equipment and knowledge to quickly and efficiently install or repair failed septic tanks, leech fields and pump stations. Don't wait and pay for costly repeat pumping to manage a bad situation, Call us and get set up with peace of mind that will last for many years into the future.